Fandom Dump

In response to the How To Train Your Dragon: Gift of the Night Fury short release

Hei and Toothless

Kusuriuri (the Medicine Seller)

Ahiru/Princess Tutu and Fakir



For my Editorial Illustration class based on this article...

...I liked the way I created the image, but I got ripped to shreds during critique *sadface*


Website Update!!

Yup, I updated my website!  Some old stuff and some new stuff.  Honestly, I'm still debating whether or not to build my own from scratch: the key is still being able to remember how to update it via HTML/etc in the years to come.

Anyways, check me out:



A flower in her hair

This was a chance to try using masking fluid again.  Also, there's a couple online artists I admire who are able to combine both transparent and opaque watercolors, so I've been giving that a go.



One of my favorite animated series: Cyborg 009, by Shotaro Ishinomori

I only ever saw the 2001 remake of it on Toonami (you know the one with the awesome ending theme song: Genesis of Next, by Globe)



T&B Tonight!!

Last episode comes out TODAY!

...and Kurama makes a cameo appearance for no reason whatsoever


The Last of NYC

Grand Central:

Central Park:




First unexpected draft (because I thought I had missed the deadline):

Oh, gosh, I haven't drawn a dragon in so long... like, middle school...


Hurricane Day! -- part 5

Well, despite the flooding and fallen trees NYC seems to be up and about as usual.


Hurricane Day! -- part 4

Hurricane Day! -- part 3


TOMBOW dual tipped pens are not waterproof:

Pigeons from Union Square:

Hurricane Day! -- part 2

So, more stuff from about 2-3 weeks ago.

Columbus Circle:

River-side park off 1st Ave:

Same park, view of Brooklyn and up the waterway:

Hurricane Day!

So, as Irene approaches, (and as I have nothing to do and finished all my packing for move-out-day, Aug 31st) I finally got around to organizing the rest of my sketchbook scans.

I don't remember the dates for these, just that they were done about three weeks ago


August 18th

So, I haven't really gone out to sketch for a week or two (like I did at the beginning of the summer).

I actually did this before the bird one while watching A Very Potter Musical


August sometime

Since my internship is technically a web-based one, I get to help rebuild a website.  They're having me create the background image, and, as of late, shift all the information to fit.


Monday and Tuesday, July 25-26

WWII Memorial in Brooklyn at High St.


Sunday, July 24

Went back to the Cloisters.  I spent a lovely two and a half hours wandering around and I want to go back before the summer's over.

On the way back to the apartment, I went to Borders for a last foray into book bliss (and discounts!).  I got Mistborn (Brian Sanderson) and The Monster of Florence (Daniel Preston).  Goodbye, Borders, I'll miss you.


Tuesday-Thursday, July 19-21

So... I've been really uninterested in what I've been sketching: doing a lot of the same stuff and can't really think of anything new yet.


Union Square Lincoln with his powder-blue headphones:

Union Square down 4th (?) Ave:


Saturday, July 16

Myken, Emma, and I went to Coney Island.  We sat on Brighton Beach for a while (we couldn't really go in because it was after seven and there was a guy in a green shirt walking up and down the water front yelling into a megaphone "Get out of the water; there are no lifeguards on duty.  Get out of the water").  We also wandered into the amusement park and got some good old fair food.  We plan on going back for a day-long excursion soon.

7/30/11 -- We went back today (with Sam, who was available for a little over a day).  It was a perfect day except we all got horribly sunburned (horribly)


Friday, July 15

Emma and I went to a free concert (part of the River to River Festival) on the Seaport (South end of Manhattan right by the Brooklyn Bridge).  I don't remember who the musicians were, but they were good.

Monday, July 11

It was getting really hot on Monday and I spent about an hour walking around trying to find something new, but I ended up back at Brooklyn Bridge Park sweaty and dehydrated.

(7-29-11: I can't believe this was over two weeks ago.  Emma and I usually take time to scan my sketchbook every week, but we just let things go this time 'round.)


Masking Fluid

So a lot of watercolor artists I like use masking fluid, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Today (July 23) is supposed to be the World Wide Sketch Crawl, BUT we're in the middle of a 1-in-7-year heat wave, it was 105f yesterday, and today is going to be the same: I don't plan on going outside for a while.


Wednesday-Thursday, July 13-14

Went back up Park Avenue again.  This is looking towards Union Square (although you can't see it):

Same place on Park Avenue the next day, this time looking the opposite direction (towards Grand Central-42nd):

I've reverted to more subway people:

Since we ran out of bread, I bought a sandwich at a little cafe in Brooklyn and the girl behind the counter  goes to Johnson&Wales and apparently lives somewhere above the cafe (small world).

I drew these for imagery fodder for a product advertisement (for my internship).  Maybe they'll get used, we'll see.  If not, oh well...