Thursday, June 16

My sublet is two doors down from a police station.  I usually leave an hour earlier than I need to so I can do a little sketching, and this time a police officer (and his buddy) were leaving for duty at the same time or something.  Anyways, he stopped me and asked what the little green book was, and I think he enjoyed flipping through my sketchbook.  He recognized Union Square and the bank building from the previous day... makes me wonder if this is going to be a weekly occurrence.

After escaping the law: this is right next to the Flatiron (34th x 5th Ave and maybe Broadway?):

High St. sub in Brooklyn:


Wednesday, June 15

I sat on a park bench and this squirrel ran from underneath the bench and sat eating muffin crumbs right next to my foot.  I could have kicked the cheeky little bugger without much effort.

E 24th and Madison:

Green sub people:

Monday and Tuesday, June 13-14

It was raining most of the weekend, and a little on Monday morning as I sat in Union Square:

It's definitely the beginning of the week:

...but Tuesday was a little happier (and drier):


Friday, June 10

Unlike Thursday (100oF and humid and rainy), Friday was sunny, a balmy 80oF, and I had the day off (like today and hopefully all the rest of my internship).  The only thing that would have made Friday more awesome would be a pair of sunglasses.


E 29th and 5th Ave.  Just above that building in the background is a really good view of the Empire State Building, for those interested:

And a portrait of Emma (my lovely roommate):

Thursday, June 9

I came across this great building on E 25th and Lexington when I was wandering around the previous Thursday: it had skulls and Aztec-like designs of snakes, dogs, tapestry tassel-things... it was really cool... I think I need to go back and take another crack at it.

Oh well.  The people on the sub turned out much better:

My internship (powerHouse Books) holds large events on the majority of week-day evenings.  This time it was about meat and butchers and food... the reception had wonderful food (including an edible sculpture made of chocolate: The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat).  I stayed for the reception but not the event because it was already getting late and I hoped to reach the sub before it started pouring outside (that failed -- I got soaked).

Wednesday, June 8

So, next day.  E 22nd and 3rd Ave church tower:

...and a couple dudes on the subway:


Tuesday, June 7

This was the third day of my internship, and I decided to just go out and sketch (or I never would).  I did this one in about an hour and in the few minutes I had on each Sub train.

This one was on the way home:


First few days in NYC (June 1-4)

OK, so Emma and I are subletting an apartment in Manhattan.  I moved in on June 1st so I could get the keys from the guys we are subletting from.  I spent most of Wednesday moving in, but I got to wander around on Thursday:

Bryant Park:

#34 W37th:

W32nd past Korea Town:

Unfortunately, Emma hadn't moved in and neither had the guys who we share the apartment with (making the place a collection of dusty, unfurnished rooms).  After sleeping in on nothing but hard wood floors for two nights and feeling very lonely, I bought a ticket to DC to go see Emma (help her pack).

Greyhound/Peterpan Bus Terminal:

Emma's family is very friendly (thank you so much for letting me stay over), and they have a house full of siamese cats:


Oh, hey another

Here's another from that awful class.  If you can't tell, they're portraits of my equally entranced classmates... all eight of us.

FIRST POST! How Exciting!

I invest a lot of time to my sketchbook in comparison to most of my other work, but the images never go anywhere.  So, while I am here in the incredible NYC (interning for peanuts and going broke) I am determined to keep a sketchbook like I did last July in Viterbo, Italy.

So, hopefully my good roommate and I can get the scanner hooked up before too long and I will get some New York pages up.  Until then, here are some images from... a while ago.

These are from Fall 2010 semester.  I was in this really awful class that was entirely conceptual and produced almost no physical work at all.  It was horrible, nightmarish, boring, the whole shebang.