Saturday, July 16

Myken, Emma, and I went to Coney Island.  We sat on Brighton Beach for a while (we couldn't really go in because it was after seven and there was a guy in a green shirt walking up and down the water front yelling into a megaphone "Get out of the water; there are no lifeguards on duty.  Get out of the water").  We also wandered into the amusement park and got some good old fair food.  We plan on going back for a day-long excursion soon.

7/30/11 -- We went back today (with Sam, who was available for a little over a day).  It was a perfect day except we all got horribly sunburned (horribly)


Friday, July 15

Emma and I went to a free concert (part of the River to River Festival) on the Seaport (South end of Manhattan right by the Brooklyn Bridge).  I don't remember who the musicians were, but they were good.

Monday, July 11

It was getting really hot on Monday and I spent about an hour walking around trying to find something new, but I ended up back at Brooklyn Bridge Park sweaty and dehydrated.

(7-29-11: I can't believe this was over two weeks ago.  Emma and I usually take time to scan my sketchbook every week, but we just let things go this time 'round.)


Masking Fluid

So a lot of watercolor artists I like use masking fluid, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Today (July 23) is supposed to be the World Wide Sketch Crawl, BUT we're in the middle of a 1-in-7-year heat wave, it was 105f yesterday, and today is going to be the same: I don't plan on going outside for a while.


Wednesday-Thursday, July 13-14

Went back up Park Avenue again.  This is looking towards Union Square (although you can't see it):

Same place on Park Avenue the next day, this time looking the opposite direction (towards Grand Central-42nd):

I've reverted to more subway people:

Since we ran out of bread, I bought a sandwich at a little cafe in Brooklyn and the girl behind the counter  goes to Johnson&Wales and apparently lives somewhere above the cafe (small world).

I drew these for imagery fodder for a product advertisement (for my internship).  Maybe they'll get used, we'll see.  If not, oh well...

Friday, July 8

I walked along 3rd Ave. from 21st Street to Battery Park and only got a little sketch out of it.  You can see the Statue of Liberty.  It was a very hot and hazy day, and by the time I was ready to go back it was going to rain:


Thursday, July 7

View North from the Brooklyn Bridge Park (right under the Brooklyn Bridge):

and then a little more to the right of the previous image:

Wednesday, July 6

Brooklyn War Memorial outside the High Street subway stop.  The ugly dude on the left is William Jay Gaynor:


Tuesday, July 5

Went to Brooklyn to sketch.  Hey, it's the Manhattan Bridge:

Sunday, July 3

Went to a bar... that's it:

Saturday, July 2

I spent most of the day with Sam before she got on the train for home.  We briefly went out with the hopes of sketching:



On another note, I got a message from someone online:

"I looked at your Blogspot page. It's inspired me to start a sketch blog."

Kinda proud and kinda shocked at the same time.  I can't wait to see what they do.

Just kinda funny: a blog I follow, Urban Sketchers, was featured on another blog I like, Drawn.  I highly recommend both of these sites (to those interested): both feature works from very talented (current) artists from a wide variety of everything art-creation-wise:

Steffi Schutze, Drawn
Marc Holmes, Urban Sketchers

Thursday, June 30

Way up there on Park Avenue (looking towards Union Sq):

Sam, Emma, and Myken met me at powerHouse: there was an event for a book that had pages from a bunch of artists' sketchbooks.  Some of the artists were there and we could flip through the sketchbooks that they brought.  Then we went out to dinner in China Town at this place called Shanghai Cafe (really good food).  Here are some people (including Emma and Myken) on the sub from China Town to Myken's residence:

Wednesday, June 29

From Union Square (I really need to go farther in the morning):

Tuesday, June 28

Church on 15th (?) Street:

Event at The powerHouse Arena (where I intern... actually, I intern at powerHouse Books).  There was an event where author Gary Shteyngart came to read an excerpt from his book Super Sad True Love Story.  Images from that event can be found here.

Also, I download fonts to do little things for my internship (stuff for the websites and posters, etc).  I realized while making a slider for the Shteyngart Event that I had downloaded two fonts that look almost identical to my own handwriting...


Sunday, June 26

Saturday I wandered around Soho.  I walked into the Evolution Store.  If you know anything about the RISD Nature Lab, it was kinda like that.  If not, then think about the science department anywhere with things in formaldehyde, skeletons, insect specimens, animal furs, hunks of rocks and minerals, etc... but for sale.

Emma and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sunday, got free food and got lost in Central Park (again).  And I did more sub-people:


Wednesday, June 22

Another collage-like image:

Tuesday, June 21

Union Square (again) -- Success!

Monday, June 20

Union Square:

I need a new approach (you can tell I'm getting bored):

Sunday, June 19

Emma and I went to Central Park (in the middle of the day).  We got off the sub halfway and planned on walking South to catch the sub back home... we ended up going North and leaving from the corner farthest from where we live.

More sub people:

Saturday, June 18

I went to the Cloisters on Saturday, but, no, I did not go in (no cash on hand).  So I wandered around and did a nice 2 hour doodle at Fort Tryon until a photographer and his skimpily-clad models camped out in the middle of my sketch (dammit, you're blocking my light).


Friday, June 17

It rained every time I went outside.  I went to the post office to get stamps and when I stepped out it was pouring and over to the West you could see lightning bolts streak across the sky...

Anyways, when there was a break in the torrential downpour I sketched our neighbor's garden patio: