Hurricane Day! -- part 5

Well, despite the flooding and fallen trees NYC seems to be up and about as usual.


Hurricane Day! -- part 4

Hurricane Day! -- part 3


TOMBOW dual tipped pens are not waterproof:

Pigeons from Union Square:

Hurricane Day! -- part 2

So, more stuff from about 2-3 weeks ago.

Columbus Circle:

River-side park off 1st Ave:

Same park, view of Brooklyn and up the waterway:

Hurricane Day!

So, as Irene approaches, (and as I have nothing to do and finished all my packing for move-out-day, Aug 31st) I finally got around to organizing the rest of my sketchbook scans.

I don't remember the dates for these, just that they were done about three weeks ago


August 18th

So, I haven't really gone out to sketch for a week or two (like I did at the beginning of the summer).

I actually did this before the bird one while watching A Very Potter Musical


August sometime

Since my internship is technically a web-based one, I get to help rebuild a website.  They're having me create the background image, and, as of late, shift all the information to fit.


Monday and Tuesday, July 25-26

WWII Memorial in Brooklyn at High St.


Sunday, July 24

Went back to the Cloisters.  I spent a lovely two and a half hours wandering around and I want to go back before the summer's over.

On the way back to the apartment, I went to Borders for a last foray into book bliss (and discounts!).  I got Mistborn (Brian Sanderson) and The Monster of Florence (Daniel Preston).  Goodbye, Borders, I'll miss you.


Tuesday-Thursday, July 19-21

So... I've been really uninterested in what I've been sketching: doing a lot of the same stuff and can't really think of anything new yet.


Union Square Lincoln with his powder-blue headphones:

Union Square down 4th (?) Ave: