The Artist of Skye

My good friend Sam Garvey has been making little figures out of cut paper and as an art trade I drew a couple of her original characters posing and acting all fierce and pretty.  I think by her overall expression of thanks via enthusiasm she must have liked it.

It started out with a couple of character studies:

And progress to the final:

For the hell of it, I finished by getting the image printed on good cardstock from Alphagraphics.


Thursday, February 16

Here's a view on the Providence River at an industrial building: the city recently tore down a highway overpass that bridged the river at S. Main and Wickenden.  It's nice because there's more green space and you can see these old factory buildings (with arched windows... I have a terrible weakness for arched windows...).

I've been wanting to go sketch like I did in NYC, but as Providence is much less exotic and it also being February... predictably, I'm rather uninspired to go out.


BMV 2010

Some images from the air port (going home for the winter break) and from the BMV in Licking County (I had to renew my driver's license).

Featuring the T.F. Green shoe shiner and airport patrons:


I was lucky and only had to stick around the BMV for bout two hours.  About half an hour in this larger fellow in an OSU sweatshirt came in.  He was one of those people who hate silences: oh, I was here for four hours yesterday and when I go to the counter I didn't have the specific document with me so I had to come back today.  Anyone want to trade numbers?  Hey, are you sketching me? How's this?

Y' know.  At least it wasn't a boring two hours.  He kept harping me and made me laugh when I was getting the ID photo taken (that's why me license sports an image of a tomato instead of my face).



Happy Valentine's Day
Howl's Moving Castle