First few days in NYC (June 1-4)

OK, so Emma and I are subletting an apartment in Manhattan.  I moved in on June 1st so I could get the keys from the guys we are subletting from.  I spent most of Wednesday moving in, but I got to wander around on Thursday:

Bryant Park:

#34 W37th:

W32nd past Korea Town:

Unfortunately, Emma hadn't moved in and neither had the guys who we share the apartment with (making the place a collection of dusty, unfurnished rooms).  After sleeping in on nothing but hard wood floors for two nights and feeling very lonely, I bought a ticket to DC to go see Emma (help her pack).

Greyhound/Peterpan Bus Terminal:

Emma's family is very friendly (thank you so much for letting me stay over), and they have a house full of siamese cats:


  1. Yay! Creepin on people in public. Also cats.

  2. love the line, love the color work.