Another trip to the Cloisters

Went back sometime in July.  It's really a beautiful place, especially along the when it's not sweltering.

Hudson (from memory, truthfully):

One of my college roommates (SG) was visiting, so a bunch of us decided to meet up to go (EC, MB, and myself).  It was frustratingly hectic: she came in at 34th and we were going to meet underground on the A Line at a certain time (to prevent us from waiting forever for someone forever only to find out they were on the other end of the platform, we would just meet at the Cloisters after that particular time).  EC and I left MB behind at the L Line (my fault), and then she didn't think we were meeting below ground at 34th, so we had to go up and fetch her.  Then we waited for SG, hoping she would find us before the departure time: she was wandering up and down the opposite side of the track and we called across to get her attention.  The last bit of misadventure was forty minutes down the drain spent waiting for the right train to arrive.  We got there eventually.

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