Chicago 1: Marina and Not Being in NYC

So, I went to Chicago to visit a friend.  It happened while all my roommates had gone on family business for the next few days.  Being unemployed and hunting, I spend all my time inside the apartment.  All day, everyday.  Waiting for the heat to go away.  For four weeks.  Needless to say, I had a bad case of Stir Crazy.

So Thursday, all alone, drinking my roommate's beer, checking Facebook (because what else are you going to do in NYC?).  Oh HEY! A message: "Why aren't you here to see Marina and the Diamonds with me? -- <3 Marz"

Long message short, I bought a plane ticket to Chicago.

MSMR who opened for Marina:

Travel doodles (honestly, we didn't give ourselves enough time to just sit around: concerts, plays, renaissance fairs, art museums, beach, dinners, meeting people, walking-outdoors-and-getting-sunburned...):

July 21-25th, 2012

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